Alannah Perryman

Cosmetic Tattooist

I am a permanent cosmetic tattooist. I have specialized in the beauty industry for over 6yrs. I studied and was licensed in the beautiful town of Boca Raton, Fl. I graduated from ACAS academy and this is where I learned the art at its finest. My area of expertise is with the tattoo Powderfill Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip liner, Full lip color and specialty Lip ombré! I live,work,breathe this beauty breakthrough!


Permanent Eyeliner

The eyeliner brings a subtle look that will accentuate the shape of the eyes, give the appearance of thicker eyelashes. Thick eyeliner will take more than one session.

Permanent Lipstick

The lip liner and full lip color procedure will enhance the natural beauty of the lips by enhancing the lip size, definition, shape and color. There are many colors to choose from ranging from natural tints to vibrant color. The pigments used are natural and made in an FDA approved laboratory . No more bleeding lipstick!

Permanent Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a must for those who have little or none. This procedure fills in the brow, reshapes or creates brows where there are none. No more worrying about swimming or sports on warm days and the washing or sweating away of your brows.

Although this field has been around for a long time; it is only gaining popularity in recent years. You must choose your Permanent Makeup technician carefully. Do not make your decision based on price. What is most important is the reputation, experience, skill, knowledge, credentials and training of the permanent makeup artist. Photos should always be available to see the technicians work.

You should feel very comfortable and have all your questions answered during your consultation in order for you to make your decision an educated one.

The pigments used for micro-pigmentation are high quality inorganic and organic colorants. While they have a historically long safety record and allergic reactions are very rare, there is not a reliable test that a technician can give to determine the occurrence of an allergic reaction. The history of tattooing has shown the great majority of tattoos and permanent makeup to be safe and free of adverse effects.

The first step is a scheduled consultation to obtain a current health history and to obtain pre-treatment advice and procedure information. The end result depends on the client’s commitment to following post care instructions, the body’s ability to heal, and the skill of the technician. Your permanent make-up procedure is a decision you should be comfortable with. Please reserve the requested amount of time and follow the pre-treatment advice and procedures to assure your experience will be a positive one.